This two minute parable powerfully shows us the path to success:

“ A certain farmer had become old and ready to pass his farm down to one of his two sons.  When he brought his sons together to speak about it, he told them: The farm will go to the younger son. 

The older son was furious! “What are you talking about?” he fumed.

Okay,” the father said, “I need you to do something for me.  We need more stocks.  Will you go to Cibi’s farm and see if he has any cows for sale?”

The older son left and shortly returned reporting, “Father, Cibi has 6 cows for sale.”

The father graciously thanked the older son for his work.  He then turned to the younger son and said “I need you to do something for me.  We need more stocks.  Will you go to Cibi’s farm and see if he has any cows for sale?

The younger son did as he was asked and a short while later returned and reported “Father, Cibi has 6 cows for sale.  Each cow will cost 2,000 rupees.  If we are thinking about buying more than 6 cows, Cibi will reduce the price per cow by 100 rupees.  Cibi also said they are getting special jersey cows next week and so if we aren’t in a hurry, it may be a good idea to wait.  However if we need the cows urgently, Cibi said he could deliver the cows tomorrow.”

The father then turned to the older son and said, That’s why your younger brother is getting the farm.”

Successful people don’t just do the minimum required.  They don’t just execute specific instructions and wait for the next external request. They critically think about the situation as a whole and put in extra effort to help move the situation towards a certain benefit or result. 

In other words, as Benjamin P. Hardy puts it, successful people initiate

As successful people initiate, they end up influencing the direction of how ideas and projects develop.  They are active and not passive, becoming drivers on the road of life, not just backseat riders.  And because they initiate, just like the younger son in the story above, they are given opportunities.  Success finds them.

So why don’t we initiate?  Because it’s scary!  When we initiate, we put ourselves out there - revealing unsolicited thoughts and feelings, our creativity, and personal ideas as to what we would add to the situation.

So how can we get over this fear and become better initiators?  

Luckily this ability to initiate can be trained and developed.  I’ve found that simply being around driven and like-minded people is a great first step in learning this skill.  Here are just a few of the upcoming social events I’ll be leading in the next few months that can help you learn how to initiate.

Manifestation Retreat: Adventure in Iceland, May 11-15 (Reykjavik, Iceland)

Hustle Fest: A day long summit for people transitioning from a full-time job to full-time freelance, April 14 (New York, NY)

Worth 100: Lululemon’s International Women’s Day Yoga Event, March 8 (Lancaster, PA)

And if you’re asking about other opportunities closer to where you are, here’s my suggestion.  Initiate.  Ask friends, do a google search, post a question on Facebook, message me.  The sky’s the limit.

You can do it.  Initiate and dive in.

Andrew Abaria

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