What does the phrase "let go" mean to you?

When you’ve given it your all
and you’ve done everything that you can do,
in that moment of stillness
when you feel like you’ve got nothing left
you might think that it was all a waste
that you’ve lost your way.
But actually you’re where you need to be
right here, right now.
And the final step is to now let go.

Not because you’ve given up
or that you’re not strong enough.
Let go because there is something
more powerful than you
that can finally do the work once you’ve gotten out of the way.
This energy can accomplish more than you could ever imagine,
but it can only flow if you completely trust and let go.
— Andrew Abaria

Effective letting go is part of a process - a process that begins with structure, discipline, and hard work. Ask any accomplished ballerina en pointe or jazz guitarist - you can't accomplish great things by only “trusting in the universe” and “letting go”.  Years (and for most of us, decades) of strategic and focused action are required before we can actually "let go".  Otherwise, what are you letting go of - being underprepared and perhaps lazy??

Once you’ve done THE WORK, the choice to let go becomes a sacred act - of allowing something greater than you move YOU to the next stage of evolution.  You see this when an Olympic athlete takes a deep breath before a final round competition or when a mother sees her kid off to college.  You experience this in the sweet moments of savasana after a difficult asana class.  Because without the work, "letting go" and "trusting in the universe" become just weightless, anti-spiritual directives where you expect the universe to do great things for you when you haven't done your part in the symbiotic relationship.

What does letting go mean for you? Are there actions you need to take before you can successfully let go?  Drop me a line below and let me know. 

The development of the universe depends on critically thinking, aware, and solidly spiritual people like you to stay curious about the marvelous path we all are on.  The world needs YOU to truly dive in. 

Andrew Abaria

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