It's easy to see that wins create momentum towards your goals. It's much harder to see that rejection is also a necessary part of that path too.  Here are three thoughts to help you bounce back from rejection and keep you energized and moving towards success:

1) Rejection is inevitable.  

Failure, setbacks, and rejection must happen on the road to success.  If all of your attempts always end in success, green lights, and acceptance from others, you're probably not really pushing your limits and putting yourself out there.  You're playing it safe.  Many of the most talented and successful people we admire have experienced intense/numerous rejections: J.K. Rowling's "Harry Potter" was rejected by 12 different publishers, Steven Spielberg got rejected by USC film school three times, and Steve Jobs got fired from Apple - a company he founded.

2) Learning to deal with rejection is a non-negotiable skill. 

Because rejection will happen, adopting the attitude of "I must learn how to overcome rejection" is crucial.  So start looking at rejection as an opportunity to develop a muscle that needs to get stronger as successes build.  The more successful you become, the bigger your goals become, the harder it will be to endure each successive rejection.

3) There are only two ways to move forwards post-rejection. 

Rejection ultimately means that the company, institution, or person that didn't accept you saw something missing - a gap between what they were looking for in a candidate and what they evaluated in you.  And so there are only two ways to move forwards after rejection: 1) You either agree that you were missing that important component and get to work on filling the gap or 2) You don’t agree with the assessment and look to other opportunities and partnerships where what you have to offer can be seen and valued.  There is no third option.

If you're still reading this, my guess is that you're a creative person with big goals for expressing yourself and making a significant impact in the world.  Stay focused on the outcomes you want, despite the rejection you encounter, and don't let setback derail you from manifesting your dreams.  Success may be just around the corner once you move through rejection more gracefully and learn to embrace it.

Andrew Abaria

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