Greetings from Sweden!  

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I’m here for the European leg of my Iceland album tour.  I just finished a listening party/flow class class at Urban OM in Stockholm and will be traveling to Eskilstuna tomorrow to do a mini Yoga Masterminds teacher training.  I'll finally end in Brussels, Belgium for another listening party tour stop at BYP.

Here are the top 2 questions people ask me when they find out about this trip:
1) Does this tour pay for itself?
2) How did you make this happen?

Here are my responses:

1) Yes, all my travel and accommodation gets paid through my services on this tour.
2) Here's the answer/focus of this month's DEEPER blog entry:

I’ve spent my entire adult life exploring my passions - travel, yoga, personal development, music - with the intention of creating specialized business opportunities at the intersection of those spaces.  This Iceland album - an EP of ambient, yoga friendly music - including its corresponding tour (traveling to different studios and playing the music as I teach inversions) is what I strategically crafted as an honest answer to these four questions:

What am I passionate about?
What am I actually good at?
What would someone pay me for?
What does the world need more of?

An authentic and tactical answer that is the same for each of the four questions is what makes opportunities like a two week international album tour happen.  

What lies at the intersection of all four questions, for you?

Answering these questions ostensibly might seem easy, but it will take a lot of introspection and creative thinking to come up with an idea that is a true convergence point - not to mention tons of trial and error to arrive at something that actually works and that you like doing.  But it's worth it: you'll eventually get to do what you love (or many things you love) and get paid for it.  

So take five minutes right now and ask yourself: What am I really passionate about...What am I actually good at...etc.

The answer that intersects all four questions is waiting for you to discover it. And so are we.

Get creative and dive in.

Andrew Abaria

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