Larry Gelwix coached the Highland High School rugby team to an astonishing 418 regular season wins and just 10 losses during his 36 year reign.  The athletic program won 20 national championships with Larry at the helm and was the inspiration behind the 2008 film Forever Strong.  When asked about his secret to success, Larry often comments, "'We always win".

“Win” doesn’t mean win as in the commonly used verb.  “Win” is an acronym he’s created which stands for “What’s Important Now”.

Larry requires the “What’s Important Now” mindset during all trainings and competitions.  His athletes know that instead of getting caught up in the mistakes of the previous play or worrying if they will win or lose the match, they must instead focus their energy on the one action that will move them most efficiently towards their ideal result.  WIN is a high level decision making strategy that encourages a focus on the self (what can be controlled) vs. a focus on the other (what can’t be controlled) .

Most of you reading this aren’t competitive rugby players, so how does this message apply to you?  Well, if you’re a goal-driven person like me but find yourself spending lots of time ruminating on past mistakes, worrying about how others are “crushing it” and you aren’t, or mentally preparing for the next meeting while “present” in the current meeting, "WIN" might help you to become more productive and present. 

Is the action I am choosing to do right now the best option (out of the myriad choices) to get the best possible result?

Sit with that for a bit – you can only do ONE thing in any moment in time and YOU get to chose what to do.  Are you setting yourself up for optimal success through the one action you've chosen in this moment?

I hope that “What’s Important Now” can be a mantra you use to remind yourself of your ability to shape the future outcome you want.  The path of self improvement never ends so keep practicing, enjoy the ride, and just keep going.

Andrew Abaria

For DEEPER Reading, check out: Essentialism, The Disciplined Pursuit of Less, by Greg McKeown. As a lululemon ambassador I was given the gift of this book, and it’s definitely worth the read. Essentialism goes into much greater detail about the importance of choosing the right actions (and saying no to everything else) to help you transform you into the person you want to be.

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