You are a visitor.

Your life might seem permanent - your house, your job, your family and friends, your body - but the truth is that it’s all temporary. At some point you will have to leave everything behind. Whether it's in 8 days or 80 years each of us must at some point say goodbye to this world. Nothing in life is guaranteed except for our exit. You, me, the people around you - sooner or later - we all will have to go. We are all visitors.

Because we can't change this outcome, the most important questions become these:

What are you going to do with your remaining time here? Are you moving towards the life you want, or moving away from it? Are you living your life like a visitor?


This week I’m running the DEEPER Retreat in Mürren Switzerland, sharing personal development exercises I’ve created that revolve around this truth that we are all visitors. As my students enjoy the outward thrills of the Swiss Alps, I hope they also have an equally magical, inward journey of deep introspection to help them move closer to a more meaningful, fulfilled life.

You may not be here on retreat with us but you can ask yourself the same questions:

What will I do with my remaining time here? Am I moving towards the life I want, or moving away from it? Am I living my life like a visitor?

Reflect on all of this and I promise it will change your day: You might end up calling a family member, leaving work early to work out, or watching tonight’s sunset. You don’t have to go on an international personal development retreat to start making small changes to your life right now.

Whatever happens, I hope that this reminder that you are a visitor leads you to a higher, more true version of yourself - and that it inspires you to keep going.

Andrew Abaria

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