I've noticed a pattern:  When my to do list starts to get stagnant - certain items keep getting buried under newer and newer to do’s - it's not because I don't have time in my schedule to get things done, or that I forget to look at the list.  The phenomenon is this: whenever I visit my to-do list, I gloss over the words and then consciously and willingly choose to not do the work! 

Sound familiar?

Here's a quick fix I learned from the great Marie Forleo to help clear out items stuck in the abyss of the every growing to dos:

Verberize your to do list

What does this mean?

Add verbs to every item on your to do list.

Instead of: 
1. Workbook
2. Contract review
3. Newsletter

Notate this instead:
1. Write one paragraph for book
2. Send Kate revisions to 2nd page of the contract
3. Complete first draft of newsletter

(Yes, those are actual entries from my to do list, and this month's newsletter got done because I wrote down a verb) 

One final note: as you verberize your list, ALSO make sure to write down action items that are broken down into multiple, easy to achieve steps.  Writing down "Complete first draft of newsletter", "Revise newsletter" and "Send out newsletter" while seemingly tedious, is much more encouraging and success-inducing than "Compose newsletter and send it out".

Have fun verberizing and keep going.

Andrew Abaria

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