Over the last year I've shared with you DEEPER, my personal brand dedicated to helping you become your most creative and brilliant self. And while I’ve had the privilege of doing many DEEPER projects all around the world - world tours with my music albums, philanthropy work in Asia, and personal development retreats in Europe - I’ve realized that the brand needs to be anchored in one distinct service that is clearly understood and consistently available to the public.

Most brands start out this way - doing test runs of different products/experiences and then focusing on one as their main contribution in the marketplace.  Amazon opened business in 1995 and only sold books.  Virgin started as a chain of record stores.  At one point, all Apple was known for was computers.  

And so, this fall in downtown York, PA I will be opening the DEEPER Yoga Studio: yoga and meditation for creative minds

This is a major decision for me and comes from months of wrestling with this question: 

“Because my time and energy is limited, what is the highest contribution I can give to the world?”

Given your limit of time and resources, what is the highest contribution you can give to the world? Whether your pursuit is one of creative entrepreneurship, spirituality, travel, or health and wellness - all the things that DEEPER stands for - know that it's only through the process of figuring out your highest contribution that you can truly grow into your most creative and brilliant self (and inspire others to do the same).

See you soon at the DEEPER Yoga Studio.

Keep going,

Andrew Abaria

P.S. There is one room left at the 2019 DEEPER Retreat: Mürren, Switzerland, where you will have an opportunity to figure out your highest contribution to the world.  That spot is yours if you want it!  We leave in less than 4 weeks!!

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